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Colorful Donuts

Essentials for your bakery

Caribbean Bakery Supplies has been supplying quality baking commodities to complete baking equipment to bread and pastry shops for over 23 years. 
We offer a wide assortment of raw materials; Yeast, flour, sugar, salt, chocolate, bread improver, decoration materials, colour- and flavour liquids/powders, oils, fats and many more. Next to that you can visit us for packaging and even bakery equipment such us counters, bread slicing machines, ovens and much more. It’s truly your one stop shop for your bakery or pastry shop

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Bake your world happy

We’re passionate about bringing the love of baking and decorating to you. We know you love baking and we are constantly evolving to bring you quality products from the best brands or made by ourselves, that make baking and decorating fun and easy

When it comes to bakeware and decorating tools, we’ve got you covered. Our wide selection of cake pans, cookie cutters, icing tips and much more help you to make you shine in the kitchen.

And just like you, we like to have fun. We love celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and just making it to Friday. We love the spills and we love the thrills…and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make baking and decorating a piece of cake.

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Naam: Saimond Janga


Phone: (+599)  527 8005


Tel: + (5999) 8888-444

Name:  Genchi Marti


Phone: +5999 560 1359

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Recipes & Tips


Bolo di Wortel

Pone e Carrot Cake Mix i 270 gram di awa den e kòmchi di mekser. Laga e mekser bati 1 minüt na un spit abou (ku e chapaleta bòl).


Pan Ciabatta

800 gram di Hariña 200 gram di Rex Rustica 25 gram di Yeast 675 gram di Awa Stap 1 Sende e fòrnu na 220˚C. Pone kla un plancha ku bakpapier.

CBS  (2).png


Aki un reseta pa traha "zandkoekje" ku e muchanan den e temporada di kuarentena. Por dekorá e kuki nan ku sprinkles, muisjes, chey, konfèti of koko.

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