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Creating free-standing sugar showpieces with CakePlay Isomalt Nibs

This unique isomalt can be melted in the microwave, making it easy to add sparkle and dimension to cakes.


  • Isomalt Nibs of your desired color or clear

  • Molds

  • Microwave


When Isomalt is cooked correctly, it holds up extremely well to humidity and won't become sticky due to moisture in the air. It's sugar-free, safe to eat, and easy to use. Its clarity and color intensity make it ideal for crafting beautiful decorations that add amazing flair to your culinary creations.


  1. You can also use melted isomalt as edible “glue” that dries invisibly in an instant.

  2. Try using metal cookie cutters sprayed on the inside with non‐stick spray to make lollipops.

  3. Making poured decorations is the best basic technique for those working with isomalt for the first time. Experiment with pouring gems, butterflies, or other flat shapes using a silicone mold. Two-part press molds also add instant dimension.

  4. Melted isomalt is extremely hot. During any decorating project, be sure to wear heat-proof gloves and long sleeves to protect your skin.

All the tools and ingredients are available at CBS.


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