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How to use: FunCakes Sugar Paste

FunCakes sugar paste is flexible, smooth and easy to use because of its fine structure and malleability. Thanks to the satin finish FunCakes sugar paste is perfect for covering a cake neatly and creating sharp edges.

Preparation of Sugar Paste

  1. Let the sugar paste come to ambient temperature.

  2. Knead the sugar paste firmly until it is smooth and elastic.

  3. Dust the work surface with a bit of icing sugar or Magic Roll-Out Powder and roll out the sugar paste with a rolling pin to an even circle of 2-3 mm thickness. Are there still small cracks visible on the edges when the sugar paste is rolled out? Knead again firmly until the edges are completely smooth when rolling out. Then the sugar paste is ready for use.

  4. Turn the sugar paste a quarter to prevent sticking.

  5. Cover your cake with the sugar paste or cut out shapes Tip! Do you use the sugar paste to cover your cake? Make sure to cover your cake with a thin layer of buttercream first.

All the tools and ingredients are available at CBS.


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