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Purple Rosette Cross Cake

This lovely cake is perfect for Easter or a spring baptism. Purple stands for joy, passion, royalty and celebration and the cross represents the triumph of life. However, you can choose any color you like. Decorators of all skill levels can make this dessert for their religious celebration.


  • Favorite Cake Mix or Recipe

  • Buttercream Frosting

  • Rose Icing Color, 1 oz. - Pink Food Coloring

  • Violet Icing Color, 1 oz. Gel Food Coloring


  • Cross Cake Pan

  • Non-Stick Cooling Grid - 14.5 x 20-Inch - Cooling Rack

  • Open Star Cake Decorating Tip 1M

  • Decorator Preferred 9inch Angled Spatula

  • Decorating Bags, 16-Inch Disposable Piping Bags, 12-Count


  • Bake cake: prepare cake batter following the recipe instructions

  • Tint icing: prepare buttercream following recipe instructions. Tint 1/2 cups white icing light purple and 1 cup white icing dark purple using color combination provided. Combine Violet and Rose icing colors to get light and dark purple colors shown.

  • Decorate cake: Using spatula, ice cake smooth with light purple icing. Prepare decorating bag with tip 1M and dark purple icing. Pipe rosettes on top of cake.

All ingredients are available at CBS Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.



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