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Here we show you step by step guide to teach you how to make your own cakesicles. Aren’t these just the sweetest little treats you’ve ever seen?


  • Cakesicle mold

  • Cakesicle sticks (these are smaller than traditional popsicle sticks and should come with the mold)

  • White chocolate or white candy coating melted (or whatever color you would like)

  • Favorite cake baked and crumbled

  • Buttercream

  • Spoon

  • Sprinkles


  • Take a spoonful of melted coating and pour it into the first mold. Let it sit for 15 seconds to thicken a little (the hotter your coating the runnier it is). Then, with the back of the spoon spread it evenly around and up the sides of the mold. Go up and around the sides of the mold about 3 times to make sure the coating is thick enough. If the coating is too thin it will crack when unfolding the cakesicles. Repeat with the remaining molds. Let it chill for 3 minutes.

  • Scoop a small portion of your cake mixture and gently press it into the prepared molds, adding or removing any extra as needed. The top of the cake mixture should be just below the top of the mold so there is room for the final coating. Repeat with remaining cakesicles.

  • This is the time to insert your popsicle sticks. Push them through into the cake filling, press cake filling back into place if any popped up a little. When you push through the popsicle stick you will be pushing through the coating so give a gentle push to break through, once in the stick should easily push through the cake filling.

  • Using the spoon put a small amount of melted coating on top of the cake filling. Spread it to the edges and even out the surface as best you can. You will get better at this step as you go. My first few were really uneven on top. The coating sets fast so work one cakesicle at a time.

  • Let set completely. Place in refrigerator for 5 minutes before removing from the mold. To remove from the mold gently start at the top of the cakesicle and gently push the cake pop out of the mold. When you get to the base gently pull the cakesicle stick through.

If you have some rough edges of extra coating take a warm knife and gently cut them off.

Store in an airtight container in a cool place.


  • Color your drizzle coating as desired (I used pink gel coloring).

  • Have sprinkles ready.

  • Decorating one cakesicle at a time, fill a piping bag fitted with a small hole tip with your colored coating (I used Wilton tip #3). Drizzle lines as desired.

  • Place sprinkles immediately as the coating sets fast. If you find your coating is already setting too fast you can dab a little coating on the back of each sprinkle piece and place it as you’d like on the cakesicle.

  • Repeat with remaining cakesicles.

  • If your drizzling leaves some thick blobs of coating around the edge of the cakesicle, gently break it off or use a warm knife to trim off the extra.

Let set and store in an airtight container until ready to serve.

All tools and ingredients are available at CBS!


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