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Castanoce Brood

CASTANOCE is a unique specialty bread with chestnuts. This bread has a unique taste sensation, due to the combination of special ingredients such as sweet chestnuts, high-quality walnuts, linseed, and buckwheat.


  • 500 Gram Wheat flour 

  • 500 Gram Castanoce

  • 25 Gram Uniplust

  • 15 Gram Salt

  • 10 Gram Yeast

  • 680 Gram Water

  • Baking pan and baking paper

  • Tip: For extra "bite" you could add 1 - 3% extra broken walnuts.


  1. Step 1 Put on the oven on 230˚C and put the baking pan with the baking paper ready.    

  2. Step 2 Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mix until it becomes a dough.  

  3. Step 3 After the bulk fermentation time, scale the dough into balls and allow intermediate proof.

  4. Step 4 Subsequently, divide the balls and mold into square pieces (pave bread) 600g. Dust the dough pieces liberally with rye flour and allow to relax for 10 minutes.

  5. Step 5 After, mold long in rye flour, pressing more in the center to shape-round ends. Place on setters for the final proof.

  6. Step 5 Baking: 230˚C for more or less 35 to 40 minutes descending to 200 with sufficient steam.  

All ingredients and tools to bake the Castanoce bread are available at Caribbean Bakery Supplies Aruba!


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